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Who are we?

Managed service based on a program for the management of alerts and security incidents, based on the analyzed risks with the client, through which the actions and periodic controls necessary for the protection of the business information and technological infrastructure are defined, through the automation of responses and its subsequent forensic analysis.

As part of its scope of functions, the program:

  • Actively monitors compliance with security policies.

  • Manages the installed solutions to obtain their maximum benefits.

  • Consists in the execution of continuous activities agreed with the each company.

  • Ensures proactive assistance using advanced tools.

  • Involves access to different research provided by experts.

  • Includes access to research conducted by experts

  • Ensures the continuous updating of the products.

  • Maintains the communication with stakeholders through different channels.

Program Chapters

The management cycle applies to chapters that are gradually added to the scope of the program:


EMS: Proactive management of end-user equipment, computer centers and cloud.

LMS: Irregular events management that are registered in infrastructure logs.

IAMS: Constant monitoring of credentials with high privilege levels.

VMS: Proactive detection and remediation of vulnerabilities.


Chapters can be designed to meet particular customer needs through processes, tools and controls that help companies to ensure its alignment with their organizations' objectives, policies and standards.


The chapters are supported by specialists dedicated to the topics they cover also are specialized in the working methods and the required tools for their correct execution. The size of the work teams is estimated according to the number of cases expected to be attended and the hourly coverage required.

Service management cycle

The program has a reference framework in which knowledge, tools, communication channels and the rules set is used by all chapters that are part of the service delivered to customers.


The Program Manager is the single point of contact for planning, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of the service. The Program Researcher establishes the agenda of issues to be assessed annually in the customer's security infrastructure to detect security gaps that needs to be proactively addressed. The Program Auditor verifies that the program controls are within the risk ranges that the company's deems acceptable.

Technological capabilities

  • Internal and perimeter network security

  • Computer center and cloud security

  • User equipment security

  • Security of applications and services

As part of the technological capabilities, the specialists who are part of the program's chapters have been trained in the industry's leading tools, such as Check Point, Microsoft, Forcepoint, Trend Micro, Trellix, Nessus, Beyond Trust, Cisco and IBM.


The program works in alliance with other service providers in operations (CSOC), security architecture and security analytics, through which it guarantees to keep up to date with the new demands of the environment in different markets.

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