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SITES company overview


SITES started as an IT shared services organization, whose initial goals were to achieve cost savings, process efficiency and business transformation. After 10 years operating as such, SITES has become a cornerstone for accelerating business innovation by means of the development and administration of a standardize back office that allows business units to focus on customers interactions and processes.


By transforming IT services into products, SITES has been able to integrate UX/CX practices to align IT with the business and simplify the consumption and post-sale operation of commoditized services. Delivering value-added IT products to the business helps business stakeholders gain insight into the benefits they derive from their technology investments. Clear and simple communication it is essential in the organizational culture of SITES.


By placing digital intelligence to the core of SITES' value proposition, the business has been gradually gaining a thorough understanding of how IT is impacting the business, thanks to the continuous analysis of users' behavior (needs and consumption trends). When IT vendors able to understand how users interact with the services they provide, opportunities to continuously improve them are significantly greater.


Agility and quality as a way of thinking and doing things. SITES' product development processes are based on agile practices that fully empower employees to deliver not just features but also unique experiences to the customers. Short feedback loops have allowed SITES to be responsive to business changes.


Delivering service to 24 different countries that are distributed across four regions can be described as a challenge that constantly obliges SITES focus on value that is relevant to generate customer satisfaction.

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