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Software Factory

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What does the service consist of?

The main benefit of the Software Factory is to automate business operations and infrastructure services, through the development or integration of applications.


What is the scope of the service?

  • The software factory includes three key areas of service management:

  • Software Development Service (SDS)

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

  • IT Robotics & Automation (RIA)


Service Catalog

1. Software Development Service (SDS)

      a. Project management implementation through agile methodology

      b. IT project management service through agile methodology

      c. Agile methodology consulting for IT project teams


 2. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

      a. Infrastructure services automation with APIs

      b. Implementation and development of enterprise services bus


  3. IT Robotics & Automation (RIA)

      a. Process Automation for IT services (RPA)

      b. Technical tasks automation of IT service management

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