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Operations Automation

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What does the service consist of?

IT Operations Automation consists of delegating the management of the integral IT service delivery process to a multidisciplinary team of SITES specialists who are dedicated to automating the handling of user requests. User interfaces are designed by UX/UI experts, so that interactions are user friendly.

The main benefit of IT Operations Automation is the maximization of the operational efficiency of the clients' IT infrastructure, through a qualified user support service, infrastructure monitoring and computer center support. Automation allows to increase the demands of SLAs and guarantee their compliance.

The service can be contracted on a 7x24 or flex basis, according to the days and hours in which customers require the support for their IT operations. The operations can be partially or totally delegated to SITES.

What is the scope of the service?

IT Operations Automation includes three key areas of service management:

  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

  • Monitoring and Control Center (MCC)

  • Data Center Operations (DCO)​

Service Catalog

1.    Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
        a. Automated support for end users
        b. Remote support, L1 to L3, for infrastructure and cloud services
        c. On-site support for end users and physical infrastructure
2.    Monitoring and Control Center (MCC)
       a. Alert monitoring for services as infrastructure, platform and computer centers
       b. Continuous operation of systems, platforms and cloud services
       c. Batch processing for business applications
3.    Data Center Operations (DCO)
       a. On-site operation of data center processes
       b. Remote hands for physical infrastructure support teams
       c. Maintanance admdinistration of computer centers and equipments
       d. Hygiene audit and access control to computer centers.
       e. Rental of physical space for hosting mission critical systems

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