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Who are we?

Managed service for the adoption and management of cloud platforms, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments, through migration guides designed and supported by solution integrators who have the knowledge and experience to support customers in optimizing costs, mitigating risk and maximizing service reliability.

An IT management tool that ensures consistency, security and high availability across all the traditional and cloud IT assets. Enterprise IT architecture is composed of multiple clouds from different vendors, with different distribution models and disparate interfaces.


myCloud assists its clients in managing their hybrid multi-cloud environment, making the company recommendations for new opportunities to simplify and optimize their environment in order to obtain greater visibility into the cost, availability and health of their operation when it’s supported by multiple clouds.

Supported Solutions

  • Private clouds and data centers

  • Infrastructure clouds (Azure, Oracle)

  • Cloud backup for users and servers

  • Process automation and orchestration

  • Identity and privilege management

  • Vault for password storage

  • Centralized log retention

  • User, service and application security

  • Load and service balancing with multi-cloud option

Product Benefits

Productivity: by providing centralized and simplified management of multiple clouds, allowing IT teams to control applications and workloads across multiple clouds more effectively.


Visibility: by providing monitoring of workloads and providing insight into what and where is running in a complex environment with multiple cloud providers.


Security: by maintaining consistency of security policies across cloud providers, decreasing security gaps and minimizing the attack surface; security monitoring and automation features, plus the ability to enforce security policies across platforms, helping to reduce the stugle of maintain a secure environment.


Cost management: by leveraging the discounts and savings offered by cloud providers, through cost and usage tracking dashboards, and data analytics, with intelligent processes to monitoring costs and trends.


Availability: by duplicating and seamlessly migrating workloads when a cloud provider's environment fails, with fast mechanisms for service recovery and protection of business information.

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