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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


SITES ha implementado soluciones de banca a nivel de infraestructura física y digital, atendiendo los aspectos relacionados con la gestión de riesgos para la cadena de abastecimiento de los servicios y seguridad de la información. Las soluciones que soportan las operaciones bancarias son diseñadas para satisfacer las demandas de continuidad propias de la industria y garantizar tiempos de respuesta altamente competitivos.


SITES has implemented infrastructure solutions throughout the entire retail industry value chain, including POS, e-wallets, warehouse and logistics management, customer service platforms, and many others. In addition, we have implemented multi-channel and data analytics solutions for different business areas, allowing them to improve their decision and execution standards.

Consumer Finance

SITES has implemented infrastructure solutions to manage its own and co-branded credit cards, as well as installment credit management platforms, respecting industry standards in terms of communications, security and availability. Deploying systems in countries where bandwidth and computing capabilities are limited requires developing architectural frameworks that are reliable and efficient.


SITES has implemented warehouse management systems that support continuous delivery of merchandising from warehouses located in 24 different countries. Infrastructure solutions help to automate the full process from organizing merchandises in the warehouse space, planning transportation, and delivering goods to customers. Wireless networks are considered critical to support IoT solutions that dramatically improve efficiency of warehouse activities.

After Sales Service

Infrastructure solutions that are required to implement the business processes that are used to manage the support that is delivered to customers after merchandises have been sold. Most after-sales support involves a guarantee, warranty, upgrade or repair services.

Retail Real Estate

NRF (National Retail Federation) defines this category as a company whose core business is non-residential property for commercial profit-making purposes. Such companies may own or manage malls, shopping centers, and other commercial real estate properties. Infrastructure solutions for real estate management include traffic management, face recognition, RFID inventories with continuous update and other solutions that are highly dependent on the capacity and reliability of data, voice and video networks.

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