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What does the service consist of?

The Synergy service is an advanced program for the continuous management of security platforms and services implemented by our clients for the protection of their digital assets, making use of periodic actions and controls designed by risk management and IT security areas.

Service scope

The management of the security program is carried out by chapters, conformed by groups of controls and procedures to manage security in different system domains and technologies, such as:

  • Brand Protection: Actions taken by the holder of a right to prevent third parties from using it without permission.

  • Identity Management: Identification and continuous management of the activity of business-critical users.

  • Endpoint Security: Continuous monitoring of equipment and services connected to the company's network.

  • Deep & Dark Web Monitoring: Process of searching for data or intellectual property in deep or dark web sites.

Service benefits

  • Alignment of the effort to enterprise risk

  • Global threat intelligence integration

  • Dynamically assess security posture

  • Highly accurate analysis to guide efforts

  • Continuous support from a multidisciplinary team

  • Certified risk and security professionals

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