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What does the service consist of?

Cloud-first transformation platform that drives transformation processes with business sense.


Servicio Scope
myCloud enables business-oriented cloud adoption and managed services. The solutions included are:

  • CASE (Bussines Case for Cloud Adoption): Allows companies to build their business case for cloud adoption , creating a digital profile that they will use to record progress and measure the success of the transformation.

  • ZONE-T (Multi Cloud Testing Sandbox): Provides an environment suited to the needs of each industry in which technical teams can explore the potential of the cloud and get in touch with new technologies.

  • Route 42 (R42 / Cloud Adoption Framework): A manual that answers questions and is an essential guide for the journey to the cloud.

  • COMPASS (Cloud Cyber Risk Management Platform): A risk management platform that helps anticipate the needs of each journey and minimize disruption to business operations.

  • VISA (Cloud Migration Engine) and RCOP (Robotic Cloud Operations Platform): The most secure way to undertake cloud migration efforts and subsequent operation of services. Making use of RCOP process robotics, our engineering team has automated technical tasks to reduce human intervention and optimize execution times.

  • BSOCIAL (Social Network For Cloud Community): A social network dedicated to collaboration, sharing experiences and innovation in the development of new services.

Service benefits

•    Usar la tecnología para resolver problemas de negocio
•    Definir la ruta de desarrollo a corto y largo plazo
•    Optimizar la inversión inicial y gasto operacional
•    Involucrar al negocio en el desarrollo de soluciones
•    Acelerar la entrega de productos que generen valor
•    Maximizar el uso de capacidades disponibles en la nube
•    Dar respuesta rápida a los cambios de mercado
•    Contar con recursos de apoyo para la transformación


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