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Technological Transformation

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What does the service consist of?

The main benefit of the technological transformation service is to promote a better alignment of IT results with the strategic objectives of companies and the improvement of the user experience with IT services, which is achieved with a greater empowerment of the specialist teams.

What is the scope of the service?

Technological Transformation includes two key areas of service management:

  • Agile Management Office

  • IT Process Management

Service Catalog

  1. Agile Management Office (AMO)

      a. Agile Project Management Implementation

      b. Agile Technology Project Management Service

      c. Agile methodology consulting for Technology Project Teams

  2. IT Process Management

      a. Design, documentation and implementation of technology processes

      b. Service management frameworks implementation (ITIL, MOF)

      c. Compliance auditing for Technology processes

      d. Service level management processes implementation

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